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What color exterior paint is the best for resale and why?

May 30

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The best exterior paint color for resale property

Our house is one of our assets that will eventually appreciate as the market value increases. We may not think of that while we are still enjoying the comfort it brings to our family. But when the time comes that you feel like selling it to buy a new and better property, that’s the moment that you will realize that you need to make it appealing to every potential buyer.

One of the ways to quickly sell it is to hire interior and exterior painters to make an easy makeover without spending a lot on it. Painting a fresh coat of paint is like magic; it gives a new vibe and attitude to every corner of the property. It is like erasing all the memories once there and waiting for a new one to cherish. And we may not notice it, but the paint strengthens the materials used and may kill some unseen bacteria living on the wall.



Before you get too excited about painting it to sell out, you need to know if what paint color is suitable for a property that is up for sale.

The three exterior paint colors that will help you with your resale property:

  • White and Gray - Most people find white as boring because you can not see any character because of just being so plain and safe. But if you will partner it with a semi-dark color like gray, it will complement with each other and brings out the elegant side of the painted surface. That is the power of partnering light and semi-dark colors.
  • Greige - it is a perfect combination of beige and gray. It is a versatile neutral color that will blend in with any type of buyer, a modern, traditional, or in between. More people choose to have a neutral, calm, yet warm vibe like this color palette.

It is important to let professional exterior painters do the job to avoid any injuries because of heights and avoid wasting any painting materials. And to have a beautiful output that will make any buyers want it.