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How to Touch up Interior Wall Paint

Jun 24

Touching Up Interior Walls

It's virtually impossible to keep marks or scratches from walls in your home (especially when you have kids). Once they're on the wall we tend to focus on the flaw , and wish it were gone. Naturally, homeowners are left contemplating, "Can I touch up the paint on that wall?"

You can! Here are some tips to ensure you get it right.

Scuff Marks

If you've got a scuff or scratch on the wall try to remove it using an eraser that is magic or a lightly dampened cloth. If you're lucky it will be completely off and leave the wall as it was. The higher sheens of paint be more resistant to scratching than matte or flat finishes.

Fixing Blemishes

It's not as easy to repair a damaged wall. Two conditions offer the greatest chances of success

  • Flat paint that is not too old
  • Some minor flaws which are not obvious areas.

Anywhere else the spot that was touched up isn't going to be seen as a part of the wall and the final result could look more shabby than the original blemish.


If you're confronted with a major flaw on your wall The best way to fix it is to usually repaint the wall from "break to break." Breaks are any places in a wall where the wall finishes, like in a corner, or around your moldings (chair rail crown molding, baseboards, etc.). The idea is to hide the line between the fresh paint and the previous. If the issue is on a piece molding or trim, you can paint it one piece at a time from the end to the end.

On walls that have been painted flat and is not faded, you can paint only the area affected. It is important to apply the same amount of paint to obtain a close match. Utilize an incredibly smaller foam roller, or similar device to apply a tiny quantity of the paint. Be sure to apply the paint only to the area around the spot, and then smooth out the edges so that it blends in better.

Another method for small flaws that are not noticeable is to apply the toothpick or a precise artist's brush. Make use of a small amount paint and apply it directly on the problem. Make sure not to spill any of the paint surrounding the issue you want to fix.

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