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How often to paint the interior rooms of a house

Sep 9

Interior painting can be a top priority for anyone who is renovating, new homeowners, or someone looking to update their style. Painting is one those tedious tasks where it's much easier to hire someone to do the job quickly and correctly.

Here's a breakdown of the rooms in your house and when they should be painted.

Painting Kitchen, Bathrooms & Laundry Rooms

These rooms are often the first ones to get painted, and they also receive the most painting. Because they receive the most traffic. Painting in these rooms is not as durable as painting in other rooms.

We recommend that your Denver painter use tougher paints in these rooms. This includes the kitchen, which should have a pearl- or satin finish. These rooms can be repainted every 3-4years. Good ventilation allows for some humidity to escape. This will extend the time between paint jobs.

Many homeowners notice that drywall screws and joints crack as the house settles. These are not paint problems but should be fixed before any new painting. Your painter should know about these things and conduct a wall analysis before painting.

Painting Adult Bedrooms

Children's bedrooms, on the other hand, are the rooms with a longer life span.

Most children's rooms double up as playrooms. They are also subject to quite a bit abuse. It's a good idea for children to have a high-quality paint job with a higher gloss. You can discuss this with your Denver interior painting company. It is great to play with different colors, but it is important to choose durable and long-lasting paints. We recommend that you paint the child's bedroom more often than other bedrooms. Maybe every 2 to 3 years.

Painting Living Room & Dining Rooms

The living rooms are very busy and do not require frequent painting.

A lot of dining rooms are converted into offices, study rooms or other secondary activities rooms. It is a good time to repaint and repair any damage to walls if you want to alter the room's function.

We suggested that you paint the living room approximately every 5-7 years, while the dining room about every 7-10.

Hallways & Corridors

The walls of a house see the most wear. These areas are often walked on thousands of times. They can be damaged from dirty hands or animals being carried, bumping into them and other activities such as lugging around items, pets, and guests. You will see scratches, finger marks, and perhaps cracks beneath the surface. These walls can be cleaned if they were painted with high-quality, washable paint.

We recommend you maintain your hallways and corridors regularly, washing them once a year, then painting them every 2-3 years.


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