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Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Your House Interior

Sep 19

A homeowner's biggest challenge when starting a new interior painting Denver CO project is choosing the colors. There are so many colors to choose from.

Are you looking for a neutral tone that go with everything? Your flooring, furniture, or drapes should be your base for your selections. Which accent color should you use? And how can you figure out which colors complement each other?

Our customers have had access to many DIY color selection tools for a long time. But sometimes, you just need professional eyes to look at the job. Have you ever considered hiring an interior designer to help you choose the right color?

Professional Color Consultant or Designer?

Many people assume that color and design consulting services are reserved for the very wealthy. While it may be true that some cases might have this perception, I think that the reality is that most of these consultants are more accessible than you might believe.

A Pittsburgh interior designer told me that depending on the experience and education of the consultant, the rate for design services can range from $55/hr up to $150/hr. Keep in mind that these expertly trained professionals are dedicated to following the latest trends in color and design. They also can bring together a home's décor into a harmonious ensemble. This makes it easy for people to justify spending an hour of their time to ensure they get a project they will love for many years. However, the difficulty in getting our clients matched up with professional designers for the purpose of painting color consultations was one of availability.

In demand designers work on large construction or remodeling projects. They do not have the time to complete smaller projects such color consultations. We offer a great solution if you need some painting done, but it's not part a larger remodel project.

We have teamed with Sherwin Williams to offer personal color consultations to our customers in an effort to help them navigate the process of selecting the right color. These professional-trained color experts will meet with homeowners in their own homes for a 90-minute consultation. Together, they will help them choose the right colors to create a space they love.

What should I do in preparation for the consultation?

It is possible to make your consultations more productive by doing some research.

Get Color & Design Ideas from The Web. You can find thousands of images and unique ideas at sites like and You can easily copy and save any photo to show your consultant the theme you are interested in.

Colors That Fit Your Personality - Check out our Color Help Page and play The Color Sense. Answer a series questions to narrow down the choices to those that best match your personality and style.

Design Your Home Around Furniture - In interior painting projects furniture and flooring should all be considered. It is important to identify the pieces that will stay in your home for many years. Fabrics and carpeting can wear down over time. Focus on the things you'll keep, like wall art and antiques.

Get Inspiration form Cherished Memories. You'll find the Chip It software on our Color Help. Chip It can transform any image instantly into your customized color palette.

Use a Process of Elimination. This is as important as narrowing your choices. You should also take examples of colors, styles, and palettes that you don’t love so that your consultant understands what to get rid of.

Involve All Family - Experts advise that you involve all family members -- or at least those who will -- in your decision making. Invite them to join you in the homework project and be present during the consultation.

What Should I Do If I'm Still Uncertain?

You've done your homework and met with your Personal Consultant to identify your color palettes. But what if you aren’t certain that you like them? Try putting some test samples up on your walls.

Sherwin-Williams has developed Color to Go samples. They come in small Twist-n-Pour cans and cover approximately 75 sq. feet.

For less than $10, you can check the color results on the actual surface to which they will be applied. This allows you to see how your decor and natural and artificial light affect the color choices.

Jay's Painting LLC will provide a complimentary Personal Color Consultant to any customer who is located in Denver, Colorado. Call at 720-357-1503 to schedule an appointment.


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