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Professional House Brick Painters in Hamilton

Nov 8

From prep work to the final coat, it's important to hire a professional house brick painter in Hamilton.

There are many old brick houses in Downtown Hamilton as they used to have eight brickyards nearby, and these were located near the highway from Westdale into Dundurn. If you live in either of those areas, chances are you live in a brick house. 

The boom of The Brickhouse continued in Canada and the Hamilton area until the late 60s, when it changed to more conventional ways of building homes. Although brick was still a very popular option, in 1970 vinyl siding started to take over and become the top choice for builders.

After years of trying to develop vinyl siding to withstand harsh weather and colour fading, the manufacturers finally got the formula right, making vinyl the popular choice for home builders. It was both cheaper and faster to put up.

So what does that mean for homeowners of a brick house? How can you update the exterior look?

One of the ways we help homeowners of brick houses update and enhance the look of their homes is to paint over the brick.

Here are the steps we put into painting brick houses in Hamilton.

Before we paint your Brick House, there are a few things that we need to do to prepare the bricks for the paint.  

- We first want to clear away any dust, dirt or debris that is sitting on the bricks.

- Then, if needed, we will power wash the exterior of your house

- we then inspect the brick-and-mortar for any damages and fix any issues

Once the house is clean from dirt and debris on the surface is prepped, we move on to removing any fixtures (lighting, mailboxes etc.), and protecting anything we cannot get paint on, such as windows and garage doors, and shutters.

Here are the steps we follow When painting a brick house 

- First, we prime the bricks, starting with cutting in the edges

- Next, we prime the leading surface area using brushes and rollers for small areas 

- For extensive services we will spray the paint on

- For the best effect we suggest painting with two layers

Once we finish painting your house, here are a few other tips we can do to really increase the curb appeal of your home:

- Paint the front door

- Paint the garage door

- Paint any shutters

- Paint and clean up the eavestrough


If you live in a brick home and you want to refresh the look and enhance the curb appeal, then please call us at Visions paint and stucco. 


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